John Dewey Research Center

John Dewey Research Center was established in January, 2007, at the Faculty of Philosophy of Jagiellonian University in Cracow, as a site of activity for Polish scholars, who are interested in pragmamatist and neopragmatist philosophy.

The idea of establishing JDRC in Cracow found broad resonance within the scientific circle of Polish scholars involved in pragmatist philosophy. Many of eminent academics expressed will to cooperate within JDRC and participate in the conference that was held in November 2007.

Organization of JDRC: Professor Krystyna Wilkoszewska (director), Lilianna Bieszczad, Sebastian Stankiewicz (secretary). The location of JDRC: Institut of Philosophy of Jagiellonian University, ul. Grodzka 52, p. 86, 00-044 Kraków. E-mail: 

The Center for Dewey Studies in Carbondale, is an institution which patronizes JDRC in Cracow. As a result of spreading of Dewey's philosophy, what is advocated by the director of Dewey Center in Carbondale Larry Hickman, is establishing new Dewey Centers throughout the world: in Consenza (Italy), Cologne (Germany), Tokio (Japan) and Shanghai (China). Two another Dewey Centers were inaugurated in 2007: in Szeged (Hungary) and ours, in Cracow (Poland).

The Center for Dewey Studies in Carbondale, Illinois, was established in 1961 as "Dewey Project" in order to assemble and edit John Dewey's works. The principal contribution was edition of Dewey's Collected Works in thirty-seven volumes by the first director of the Center Ann Jo Boydstone. By virtue of its publications and research the Center has become the international main point for research on Dewey's life and work. The present director of the Center, Professor Larry Hickman, supports increasing interest of John Dewey's thought throughout the world in last years.

Italian John Dewey Foundation in Cosenza - European John Dewey Society was established in 1999 at the instance of Professor Giuseppe Spadofora. In 2003 the offices of the Fundation were opened in Consenza. Lately, in May 2007, at the Università della Calabria (Cosenza) was held international conference: John Dewey Reconstructing Democracy.

The Center for Dewey Studies at the University of Cologne. Thanks efforts of Professor Kersten Reich and Professor Stefan Neubart, the inauguration of the Center took place in April, 2005. First event, an international conference on American Pragmatism and the program of Köln Interactive Constructivism, in 2005, was supported by The Center for Dewey Studies in Carbondale with its director, Professor Larry Hickman.

The Center for Dewey Studies at Soka University, Japan. Soka Education Research Institute made an agreement for academic cooperation with Center for Dewey Studies in Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. In april, 2007, the Japanese branch of Center was established.

The Center for the Study of Dewey and American Philosophy, Fudan University, Shanghai. The director of The Center for the Study of Dewey and American Philosophy at the Fudan University, Professor Liu Fang Tong, is directing a project that is to provide Chinese translation of the entire thirty-seven volumes of Dewey's Collected Works.

The Center for Dewey Studies at the University of Szeged, Hungary. Between the 30th-31st May 2007 at Szeged University Professor Alexander Kremer opened a conference: John Dewey's Philosophy, inaugurating the activity of Hungarian Center.

The Central European Pragmatist Forum is an institution supporting the development of philosophical pragmatism in Middle Europe. CEPF organizes international conferences gathering scholars from Europe and USA every other year. First meeteing took place in Stara Lesna (Slovakia), next were held in Cracow (Poland), Potsdam (Germany) and Szeged (Hungary). The following conference will take place in Brno (Czech Republik) in 2008.