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The conference of Central European Pragmatist Forum (CEPF) will take place in Wrocław, June 9-13, 2014. Theme of the conference: "Pragmatist Aesthetics, Ethics, and Politics". Keynote speaker: Prof. Richard Shusterman.

International conference organized by Hungarian Philosophical Association "Aesthetic Experience nad Somaesthetics" will take place in Budapest (Hungary) on June 2-6, 2014. Keynote speaker: Prof. Richard Shusterman.


The19th International Congress of Aesthetics (Krakow, 21-27 July 2013) organized by PTE (Polish Society of Aesthetics), IAA (International Association for Aesthetics) and the Jagiellonian University was an opportunity for exchanging ideas between philosophical schools. Among them, there was a group of pragmatists whose presence created an important contribution to the congress. One of the most famous contemporary American aesthetician, Joseph Margolis (Temple University), who sympathizes with pragmatism, performed, as a chair and a speaker, the panel session devoted to the problem of interpretation. Armen Marsoobian (Southern Connecticut State University) and Andrea Baldini (Temple University) took part as two other speakers in the panel.

The panel Aesthetics in the Philosophy of Culture: Breakdowns, Continuations, New Beginnings was organized by Warsaw theoreticians of culture (Zofia Rosińska, Marcin Rychter) in cooperation with American pragmatists. The session was divided into two sections: the first one, Art in Culture, was conducted by Marcin Rychter (University of Warsaw); the second one, Philosophy in Art, was led by Kenneth Stikkers representing - with Randall Auxier - Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Larry Hickman, the distinguished pragmatist and the head of Center for Dewey Studies in Carbondale, took part in the panel.

Richard Shusterman, a continuator of pragmatist aesthetics (based on Deweyan tradition) and a founder of somaesthetics, organized and chaired plenary panel Somaesthetics. Krystyna Wilkoszewska, a Polish pragmatist and the head of Dewey Ceneter at the Jagiellonian University, took part in the session.

The members of Central European Pragmatist Forum (CEPF): John Ryder (American University of Ras Al Khaimah) and Leszek Koczanowicz (University of Social Sciences and Humanities) were important pragmatist contributors to the congress.

Among the other pragmatists and somaestheticians presenting their papers there were: Kalle Poullaka (University of Helsinki), Wojciech Małecki (University of Wroclaw), Mariusz Krawczyk (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Lublin), Lyubov Bugaeva (St. Petersburg State University), Lilianna Bieszczad (Jagiellonian University), Sebastian Stankiewicz (Jagiellonian University), Dorota Koczanowicz (Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw), and Elżbieta Staniszewska (University of Technology and Humanities in Radom).

Moreover, pragmatist aesthetics was also interesting for younger scholars: Gloria Luque Moya (University of Malaga), Lenka Bandurova (University of Prešov) and Ewa Chudoba (Jagiellonian University) whose papers were rooted in pragmatist tradition.

Somaesthetics Unit:
There is a podcast file on the Polish Radio - Program II website containing an interview with Prof. Richard Shusterman conducted by Barbara Schabowska. Link

On 3rd September 2012 at 2.00 p.m. at the JOHN DEWEY RESEARCH CENTER at Jagiellonian University Faculty of Philosophy took place the inauguration of SOMAESTHETICS UNIT. Our special guest was Richard Shusterman Professor of Philosophy at Florida Atlantic University and the founder of somaesthetics, who gave a lecture on Pragmatism, Somaesthetics, and Contemporary Art. This was followed by a dance performance presented by Teatr Tańca DF At 4.30 p.m. took place be a panel discussion (in Polish) with the participation of aestheticians and dancers. The aim of the discussion was to exchange ideas between theorists and dancers on issues relating to body consciousness, somaesthetics, and dance.

The Somaesthetics Unit has been organized by Dr. Lilianna Bieszczad

Lilianna Bieszczad : The Somaesthetics Unit at the John Dewey Research Center in Cracow


The inauguration of Somaesthetics Unit – director of John Dewey Research Center, Professor Krystyna Wilkoszewska (Jagiellonian University)

Professor Richard Shusterman’s (Florida Atlantic University) lecture Pragmatism, Somaesthetics, and Contemporary Art

Teatr Tańca DF’s performance Postnatal project

The symposium (in Polish) sought to integrate the perspectives of academic somatic theorists and dancers. This discussion on somaesthetics and its relevance for dance was opened by Dr. Lilianna Bieszczad (Jagiellonian University) and Dr. Sebastian Stankiewicz (Jagiellonian University). The symposium concluded with a panel discussion, moderated by Anna Wańtuch of Teatr Tańca DF.

The Inauguration held in the Institut of Philosophy of Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Grodzka Street 52, room 81

Debate: The Directions of Development of Pragmatist Philosophy in Poland (Polish only)

The state of research on pragmatism in Poland:
Krystyna Wilkoszewska Recepcja filozofii Johna Deweya w Polsce
Wojciech Małecki Pragmatism in Poland Today. A Report

There is a section of Qualitative Sociology and Symbolic Interactionism within the Polish Sociology Society, which employs the ideas of G.H. Mead, J. Dewey, and W. James in social sciences. The section issues Qualitative Social Review

JDRS has started gathering bibliography and materials regarding pragmatism in Poland, in both, digital and substantial form in order to create a pragmatist information center

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