Guests of John Dewey Research Center in Kraków

Prof. Larry Hickman's visit in JDRC during The Opening Conference The Pragmatist Angle of Vision , November 20-21, 2007. His paper was entitled John Dewey's Twenty-First Century Global Outreach

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photo by Margot Heurtematte

Prof. Richard Shusterman visited JDRC, March 12, 2008. He gave the lecture Art and Religion

Richard Shusterman is the Dorothy F. Schmidt Eminent Scholar in the Humanities and Professor of Philosophy at Florida Atlantic University. His books include Body Consciousness (2009), Surface and Depth (2002), Performing life (2000), Practicing Philosophy (1997), and Pragmatist Aesthetics (2nd ed., 2000). He is also the Director of the Center for Body, Mind, and Culture at FAU

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Prof. Larry Hickman was the guest of JDRC, June 22, 2009 and gave the lecture John Dewey at 150: His Contribution to a Comprehensive Philosophy of Technology

Larry Hickman is the Director of The Center for Dewey Studies and Professor of Philosophy at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. His books include Pragmatism as Post-Postmodernism (2007), Philosophical Tools for Technological Culture: Putting Pragmatism to Work (2001), and John Dewey Pragmatic Technology (1990). He edited The Correspondence of John Dewey 1871-1953, and also electronic edition of Collected Works of John Dewey 1882-1953.

Prof. Arnold Berleant was the guest of JDRC, October 15, 2009. His lecture was entitled Aesthetics of Experience

Arnold Berleant is Professor Emeritus at Long Island University. He has written among others Sensibility and Sense: The Aesthetic Transformation of the Human World (forthcoming), Aesthetics and Environment (2005), Re-thinking Aesthetics (2004), Environment and the Arts (2002), and Art and Engagement (1991). He is also the Editor of Contemporary Aesthetics, the online journal.

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